Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Little Cupid

My little Valentine....Jake. He happens to turn 2 today, and it will be a Valentine's Day I remember for the rest of my life. We had a great party for him. It was a little hampered by the weather- I wish all the family could have made it, but he had a great time.

Hot dogs were the dish of the evening- Jake's favorite (not Mommy's). Monster cupcakes were for dessert to match his new monster themed "big boy" room. Since the cutest (easiest) cupcakes I could find were Cookie Monster, that's what I went with. The recipe is here.

His room turned out great. I'm disappointed in the wall sticks. Not because I don't think they are adorable, but because they didn't stick very well. I'm going to attack them with some spray adhesive tomorrow (don't tell my husband). For what I paid WITHOUT a coupon they should stick without issue....
Of course, he needed an actual present. So he ended up getting an electric motorcycle. I found it at a consignment sale for $5! It didn't work but my handy brother figured out a wiring issue and now it runs with no problem. Yes, it is used and doesn't work perfectly, but he loves it just the same. I love this age- he cares not if the toy is new or used!

He looked so small in that big bed! Oh how I love you boys.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shave and a Haircut...well, not a shave

We've had a miserable time trying to get Jake's haircut. He started off as such a good little boy- you could feed him a few fruit snacks and he'd sit there patiently. Since about 18 months it has been going steadily downhill. The last trip we made was to a family oriented hair place. There were cars to sit on while he got his haircut, videos to watch, toys to place with and it STILL took 2 people plus mom to give him a haircut.

I know he's a better boy than that, but I refuse to endure another trip like that. Not to mention the ridiculous price I paid for all the extra kids spoiling. So, I did what most cheapskate moms do. I bought some clippers and decided to do it myself.

Why not. He's too young to complain yet anyway! : )

Turns out, I'm not bad at this. At least, I don't think so! Plus, Jake was pretty good. He wasn't happy at first, but he had popcorn, iPod movies, and dad to keep him occupied. He sat STILL, he didn't SQUIRM, and he let me cut as long as I wanted.....

I am so stinkin' happy. Not to mention I saved money!

So enjoy the pictures, and if anyone would like to know what sizes I used on the clippers, or what went into it I am happy to share. For now, I will bask in the glory of my handsome dude's stylin' haircut....